This weeks UI challenge was a little confusing. Gave no indication as to which type of design I was designing a back round for. I did In fact remember something from a passed project, and i’m here to tell that story…


I remember a few months ago I was designing a back ended software for a Construction company, with 4 other designers. The client was constantly unhappy, wanted new ideas and more modernization. We sat there for hours on hours thinking, how do we make a software Construction excel sheet more modern. As well as clean, simple and innovative. The…

Woman are under-repressed in Tech

71% of women have worked in a tech company with a strong “bro culture.”

“According to women in technology stats for 2020, only 29% of women of survey participants haven’t worked in companies where there was a boy’s club. The majority of ladies that have worked in male-dominated environments have felt excluded, unsafe, and uncomfortable.” (Source: TrustRadius)

The reason of the very harmful statistics that people tend to believe. “Men are prone to think more logical and analytical”. “Men are tend to be better with tech and computers”. I’m not saying that some statistics aren’t true. But how do the statistics apply to a single person? They simply don’t.

In fact, 67% of women…

“What if Linkedin was beautiful. This redesign concept has been created to practice my skills with no client restrictions. The main goal was to design an interface that I would like to use when I browse Linkedin website. Nothing more. Of course this is not an official project and I’m not pretending that it’s better, it just looks a bit more beautiful to me.”

Are you the type of person that drinks 2 cups of coffee before getting to work and start a caffeine-fueled scribbling to-do-list. Finding the closest scrap of paper to jot down that days to-do list. Throw it out and start new the next day. Well I’m here to tell you that crumply piece of paper sitting on your desk, doesn’t get enough attention.

Are you the type of person find comfort in writing down you to-do list with markers or colorful pens. In a pink planner or black notebook that would sometimes be mistaken as a man’s diary. (hey we…

POV: Sitting down at your kitchen table. Scrambled eggs just sitting to the left of you. Holding your coffee to your lips. Reading your daily dose of the news on you’r iPad. Your article just might be flexing this hard. When I think of blog posts I think newspaper article, but modern.

Anyone else feel like warm and bubbly sensation in there stomach when they see something that resembled old fashion but made Into modern chic. When fall colors like brown, beige, orange, green and muted red come together and mesh Into a colorful experience of beauty.

No one likes to talk about their Imposter Syndrome. So let’s rip off the bandaid and talk about It.

Being creative is who I am. Anything with color, beads and weird objects Im there and ready to create nothing into something.

When I first was introduced to the UI/UX Design community, I thought okay I have no clue what I’m doing. I was so sure life will lead the way and I’ll follow just along. No one told me about the long paralyzing, sweaty night I will be staring at my computer. …

Heres a few things I found interesting while doing exploratory research and analyzing data on dating platforms.


How the online dating process works

At its simplest, dating apps generally fall into two categories. On one hand, there are websites and apps like and OkCupid which require users to complete personal essays and personality questionnaires, which are then used for compatibility pairing. On the other hand, services like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble forgo these surveys and essays, instead requiring that users link up their other social media accounts (Facebook, Spotify, Instagram). Apps in this second camp automatically populate users’ profiles…

A mood board is a visual collage that conveys a central theme, idea or visual expression through elements like colors, images, text, photography textures and patterns. The beginning of your design process, to spark your creative process. They provide you with ideas and visual context to help guide you through your style guide and the creation of your prompt. Your Mood board should have a distinct direction and intent. Your mood board Tell the beginning of your design story.

Mood boards are a useful tool helping designers effectively collaborate with clients and team members. Boards can be easily created within…

Most users are not aware of what the 404 error design means.

let’s say A average user typed into google “What does a 404 error mean?”

This Is what google displays:
(The HTTP 404, 404 Not Found, 404, 404 Error, Page Not Found, File Not Found, or Server Not Found error message is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) standard response code, in computer network communications, to indicate that the browser was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what …)

All this mumbo jumbo… words that basically don’t make sense to the average person…

To be honest, I have no idea how to find motivation when I could barely muster getting off my couch. It can take me days to look myself in the mirror and say enough Is enough “its time to design”.

Its times like this when Im trying use everything that is instilled in me — determination, courageousness and flat out confidence — to muster up some motivation In me.

But what do you do when your brain wants to shut down and not think about any of your problems, when you cant apply to any more job s— that the…

Sarah Saka

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